by Emma from Boulder

"Whether I am fighting the angel of death for my patients, or holding that some angel's hand and helping the patient and their families though the transition, I love each and everyday of my job; this is truly my calling."-Anonymous

Nurses have always been my hero since kindergarten. I would constantly play nurses with my sister in hopes of one day becoming one. All of the nurses I grew up around were strong, loyal, and very kind to all the patients that they had.

Nurses are truly extraordinary men and women. Nurses have to be strong and loyal to do their job. They have to have a lot of determination to get through the many years of college as well as the many years of nursing school. They are powerful not just in developed countries but also in other countries that have very little money or no money for medical supplies that make the job a whole lot easier.

Nurses inspire me everyday. Their strength, kindness, and loyalty that reflects on patients can change the world. If everyone in our world acted just a little bit more kind or loyal everyday our world would be better off.

Nurses are always in my heart everywhere I go in my life. It is because of their strength, kindness and loyalty that has taught me to be nicer, more loyal and strong everywhere I walk in my life. So that one day I will become a nurse.

"My role is critical in patient care. As we call it I am the front lines-the bedside. I get to hold the hands of the sacred, encourage the fragile and uplift those who feel down. It is truly an honor to be in this role. You give the gift of hope every time you work." - Anonymous

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