Hakim Omar Khayyam

by Yasaman from Tehran, Iran

137939Hakim Omar KhayyamȚetcu Mircea Rareș [CC BY-SA (]

Omar Khayyam was born at Neishaboor in Khorassan in the latter half of our eleventh and died within the first quarter of our twelfth century. He was a mathematician and poet and astronomer. His book about algebra shows that Khayyam knew many things about mathematics. He organised the calendar that we use now and it is the most complete calendar in the world.

I choose Khayyam for my hero because he was good in many things such as science and poetry. I want to be good in many things like him. His poems are great and have nice rhymes. He had a simple life but he was a big man. Many people know him and like him. When Armstrong, the first astronaut, reached the moon, he said: the number of space between moon and earth is the same as Khayyam's idea, which was said 1000 years ago.

Here are some poems of his:

And, strange to tell, among that earther lot
some could articulate while others not
and suddenly one more impatient cried who is
the potter, pray, and who the pot

There was a door to which I found no key
There was a veil past which I might not see
Some little talk a while of me and thee
There seem would and the no more of me and thee

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