The Ontario Provincial Police

by Brandon, Ryan, Nick from Cookstown, Canada

It’s one in the morning, during the cold night and silence you hear a window break, you pick up the phone and call the Ontario provincial police (O.P.P), but what if there was no O.P.P? What would have happened is you would get robbed and there was no way to stop it. That is why we chose the O.P.P as are hero because they protect the public from any type of disturbances and people who want to cause havoc.

The O.P.P are our hero because they work around the clock, 24/7 trying to keep us safe. Always on the look out for trouble and trouble makers. They never leave one spot unsearched, making sure they can get the facts strait the first time.

I believe that they are heroes because they always do the right thing. The O.P.P protects our highways from drunk drivers and people who can barely drive that might cause accidents that may lead to serious injuries or death. Without the O.P.P we would feel less safe while driving because there will be no one to protect us from people who don’t deserve to have their license because they were sober while taking the test, but drive drunk a lot of the time.

The O.P.P also have expertise in specialized services.

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