Owen the Hippo

by Sara from Atlantic Highlands

I did a hippo named Owen. Owen is my hero because the days I can't go outside or have a bad day I think of him. When I thought of what to do for this project I scrolled though the animals and the minute I saw his name I clicked on his name and read it. When I was little me and my best friend read the book over and over and we still have the book now. Now lets start to learn about Owen and his best friend.

In December, 2004 in Kenya a young hippo named Owen was separated from his family. It was caused by a tsunami. On a long walk Owen found a Aldabra tortoise named Mzee. Mzee is 130 years old. The two animals accepted each other as a great friendship. They did everything together, and soon they became best friends. Owen and Mzee were in a zoo together when they were found, for many years. In 2007, Mzee was replaced by a hippo named Cleo. Owen was devastated. By all the days going by without Mzee, Owen pushed the days through and learned to accept Cleo.

Owen made a big difference in my life. When I have trouble in school with test, and homework I think of Owen and say to myself think what Owen would do? Owen lost all his friends, and family, and learned to live with it. I love to do dance. When I have a bad day there or hurt myself, or get really frustrated, I just push it through. Just like Owen would do. Just because Owen is an animal, doesn't mean he can't be my hero.

If I ever get to go see Owen, it would be awesome! it is my dream to meet him. If I lost my best friend I would just deal with it and find another one. When Owen lost his best friend he was probably really sad. Owen was in the same situation like the people during Hurricane Sandy. Some people lost their family. But they pushed through it. Owen is an inspiration to me and my best friend. I'm so proud of Owen for pushing through those hard days and sad moments without his family. I hope Owen has a happy life. So now you know all about Owen and why he is my hero. Who is your favorite hero?

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