Jesse Owens

by Danielle from USA

What comes to mind when you hear the word hero? Some may think a hero is only a person that can see through walls or has super powers. I think a hero is someone who is hard working and is a role model. Jesse Owens, a great Olympian, is my hero. Jesse was born on September 12, 1913 in Oakville, Alabama.

Jesse Owens grew up in a very poor family. When he was born, no one even imagined he would grow up to be “the world’s fastest man.” Jesse was sickly as a child. In spite of all the hardships in his life, Jesse grew up to be strong.

Even as a child Jesse knew he wanted to be a track and field runner. This was a very big step for Jesse. When he was in his teens he was not a very fast runner, but when he practiced he achieved his goal. He was determined to do so.

Jesse won four gold medals in the Olympic Games. He proved that African Americans can do what whites can do. The Olympic Games that year were held in Germany. At that time Hitler had a lot of power. Hitler’s theory was that anyone who was not a white American, his chosen race, was not good enough to make it to the Olympics. He really thought they would never win a medal. When Jesse made it to the Olympics and won four gold medals, Hitler was furious.

Jesse Owens was a hard working, determined and brave person. He never gave up. He was inspiration to many people.

He is my hero because he inspires me to always keep trying and never give up. When times are rough, I should get tough. I think of Jesse when I play sports and I can’t get something right. He inspires me to keep trying. He is my hero!

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