Professor Hesabi

by Zahra from Kashan

In God we trust Dr. Hessabi was born in Tehran. He spent 4 years of his childhood in Tehran. When he was seven, his family moved from Iran to Lobnan. He started his education with poverty and difficulty in the French Churchman School. At that time his mother was teaching him the literature and religion. At the age seventeen he obtained his Bachelor's in Art and science from the American University of Beirut . Later obtained his B.A in civil engineering while working as a draftsman. At the age 22 he started working in the electric locomotive maintenance department.

He was scientific mind and continued his research in physics and obtained his P.H.D in physics from Sorbonne University. Dr. Hessabi was good at playing the piano and violin. Mahmoud Hessabi was fluent in five living languages: Persian , French, English, German and Arabic. He was also familiar with Sanskrit, Latin, Greek, Pahlavi, Avestan, Turkish and Italian, which he used for etymological studies. He not only knew the poems and traditional music of Iran but also knew the classical music of West very well. He memorized the Quran and the poem book of Hafez. He also succeeded in sport and got some degree in it. Finally he died in the Genev hospital at the age 90.

Dr Hesabi
Dr Hesabi

His words:
1) A good practice is better than a thousand Advice.
2) Iran is an island of talents.

The thing that made me like him so much was that he wasn't one of those people who just stick their heads into their books and just study and study and study; he was unique and special. In his free time he went skiing with his friends or to mountain climbing and had fun. The most important thing was that he had faith in himself.

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