Paul Hewson (Bono)

by Camden from San Diego


One of the world’s greatest musicians is on stage. With more than one hundred forty million albums sold and twenty-two Grammys in his band’s career, he has become an idol. This is one of the greatest musicians, but who would know that he is also one of the greatest charity workers in the world today. Enter Bono. Bono is known by some to be “the voice of Africa” is the creator of organizations such as One, DATA, Red, and EDUN. (“Bono”) Bono is the only rock musician to be nominated for an Oscar, a Grammy, a Golden Globe, and the Nobel Peace Prize.(“Bono-Biography”) His work in Africa and throughout the entire world has been heralded as some of the greatest charity work right now. Bono feels for the people of Africa and has emerged as a huge figure in the welfare of Africans. Heroes aren’t born, they’re made. They have compassion, and they give their attention to the weak. Bono gives African people help through his various campaigns and turns the public’s attention from his own fame to his charity work.


Bono’s fame has been spread throughout the world, but he has combined his charity work and his stage career. Bono has used his talents for good causes. “In 1986 he helped organize Amnesty International’s Conspiracy of the Hope Tour alongside Sting…the profits of U2’s single ‘Do They Know It’s Christmas’ went to the victims of Africa’s drought.”(“Bono’s Charity Work”) Bono could just keep to himself, and live his live with no concern for others, but he chooses a charitable life. He could perform concerts for personal gain but instead uses his music as an instrument to aid the poor. Bono has received numerous praises for his work, as he has been nominated three times for the Nobel Peace prize, was knighted in 2007, and was TIME Magazine’s Person of the Year for 2005. “He was on Forbes’ Generous Celebrity List for participation in concerts like Live 8.”(Romero) Bono uses his talents to better the world. He spends his efforts giving the weak a chance. Bono’s talents have been shown on the stage for people’s enjoyment, but his heart goes to the weak.


Bono’s kindness has led him to create organizations dedicated to help the poorest and most afflicted people in the world. These organizations benefit the general welfare of the world. “Bono has been a leader in the fight against poverty which includes participating in high-level discussions about global poverty including the World Economic Forum, and he has helped to create the ONE Campaign, DATA, (RED) and EDUN”, all of which are striving to stimulate trade with poverty stricken countries. (Romero) Bono not only talks about the world improving the “poverty-stricken countries”; he acts upon his words, forming campaigns to reach toward relief in areas of poverty. Bono is a leader in his charity work, which composes of his discussions with the world’s leaders to provide aid to the afflicted, and his role in his campaigns. “His organization DATA (debt, AIDS, trade Africa) was formed in 2002 as an anti-poverty advocacy group…(which) shone a light on his immense dedication to making critical advances in the underdeveloped world which has been, in part, one of the reasons that he has been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize three times.”(“Bono”) Bono’s work has not been for publicity or to benefit himself, but solely for the benefit of others. His belief in helping poverty-stricken countries has not ceased, and his dedication to his work is astounding. Bono’s dedication to his campaigns make him a role model to the rest of the world of what compassion can do for others.

Bono strives to make the world a better place and influences the world by increasing awareness with his rock star capabilities and his caring towards the less fortunate throughout our modern day societies. He is my hero because he uses his fame to influence the work that he promotes. My hero’s talents are not wasted on making his life better, but uses his voice to sing or say a proclamation to the world, about benefiting the impoverished, and relieving debt in those places that need it most. Fame and fortune to many people to many people means that a person is a hero, but my hero is someone who gives his influence a higher meaning. Bono is my hero.

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