Dr. Phil

by Warren from Toronto

Dr. Philip McGraw, otherwise known as Dr. Phil, was born in 1950 and raised in Vinita, Oklahoma. He stood at 6'4, and was a highly respected football player during his high school year that received an athletic scholarship from the University of Tulsa. After finishing his degree, he received a master's and PhD from the University of North Texas in psychology. Going into the practice of psychology, he realized that one on one therapy was not his calling, so he opened a company called Courtroom Sciences. This helped trial lawyers build cases using psychology by conducting mock trials, behavioral analysis, jury selection and mediation.

One of his clients was Oprah Winfrey, whom he helped win a trial regarding a controversy to a statement she made on her show. His meeting with Oprah greatly influenced his future success, as he became a regular guest on the Oprah Winfrey Show. His frequent endorsement on Oprah's nation-wide program offered him immense publicity as a psychologist, which allowed him to embark on his own journey to start a show, where he used his tough demeanor and extensive knowledge on human psychology to guide problematic individuals back on track with their lives.

A hero is defined as a person who is admired or idealized for courage, outstanding achievements, or noble qualities. For countless years, Dr. Phil has used his top-rated show to preach his messages to millions of viewers suffering from issues such as depression, obesity, domestic violence and abuse. Guests who are featured on his program often offer impactful stories about their lives, knowing that he will provide helpful insight regarding their issues.

Although some may view Dr.Phil as a manipulative individual who often antagonizes guests on his show, I perceive him differently. Even though he applies unorthodox doctrines on the show, his intentions are no different than any other psychologist. His goal as an entertaining psychologist is still to help individuals through tough issues; and that he does. Whether or not people appreciate his tactics as a psychologist, it is undeniable that his guidance had positively impacted countless lives.

Unlike many others, I choose to appreciate Dr. Phil for his positive qualities as opposed to his negative ones. When putting aside his minor flaws, he is nothing less than a modern hero. Rather than being one of those TV personalities who only look to attain wealth, Dr. Phil uses his popularity and mass media to preach advice to people all around the world who are in detrimental situations and have nowhere else to turn to. Since 2003, he has used his power as a television star to give meaning back to the lives of many.

There are thousands of great individuals whom I could have chosen as my hero, but Dr. Phil triumphs over them. It's not because he's a better person or more influential than other great individuals, but rather, it's his approach appeals to me. Unlike most influential people, he uses harsher tactics in which he may antagonize his guests through thought-provoking questions and statements. He realizes that the conventional method of a subtle psychologist may not be able to cause people to change for the better. Through originality and the use of media to help others, Dr. Phil has inspired me to one day be similar to him. Although I may not become a televised psychologist, I do aspire to positively affect the lives of others through unconventional methods.

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