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Dr. Phil McGraw

by Olivia from San Diego

Dr. Phil
Dr. Phil

Dr. Phil deserves to be named a hero for countless reasons. Growing up, he did what he needed to do to be successful. Dr. Phil McGraw was born on September 1st, 1950 in Oklahoma. His parents Joe and Jerry McGraw had three other children. They were daughters. Their father worked as an oiling equipment supplier. Ever since Phil was a young boy, his father taught him that he must do whatever it takes to make his dreams come true. His father said "Successful people will do what unsuccessful people won't" (Davidson). A hero must possess selflessness, insight, and determination. Dr. Phil McGraw possess all three of these characteristics, therefore he deserves to be titled as a hero.

Dr. Phil McGraw possesses a unique, selfless personality. According to the Dr. Phil Foundation, "Dr. Phil and Robin McGraw on behalf of the entire McGraw family announced a personal donation in the amount of $1,000,000 to the Dr. Phil Foundation. every dollar donated will be used to directly support the needs of children." Such a generous donation made by Phil McGraw solely to benefit others. He could have bought a new house, or a dozen expensive cars. However, his happiness does not rely on materials. He becomes happy when he helps others in need. This act of generosity reveals how truly selfless he is. There are not a lot of people in the world who would donate one million dollars solely for the happiness of children they have never met before. Also according to he Dr. Phil Foundation, McGraw talks about the purpose of the Dr. Phil Foundation and states, "By joining together, we will be able to bring together all of our combined talents and blessings to help people develop a sense of purpose and mission in their lives" (Madsen). McGraw wants to help provide a fair chance for as many people as possible to live a happy and meaningful life. Not only does he help others feel a great amount of joy, he feels joy himself by helping others. In life, most people think every man should have to fight for himself. McGraw is not one of those people. He believes in helping others and improving the quality of the world little by little, which makes a huge difference in the end.

Along with other heroic qualities Dr. Phil possesses, it is easy for one to tell how insightful he is. Found on the Oprah Winfrey website, Dr. Phil states, "Life is a game. You either play it, or you get played." Dr. Phil says simple words that mean so much and make people think outside of the box. He understands what exact words to say in order to make someone understand an important message. He truly has a gift of intelligence and insight. He uses this gift to help so many people in need of help. All it takes is a few words to change someone's perspective. He helps people face reality and take control of their life while they are still able to. In McGraw's book Life Code, he says, "Take the high road, there's a lot less traffic up there" (McGraw). Dr. Phil brings people to realize the reality of many situations. For example, if someone calls another a name, or does something to hurt their feelings, the first instinct of many people would be to fight fire with fire and make sure they get the last word in. McGraw is saying to take the high road, and be the more mature person in that type of situation, because not many people think to do that. Even though McGraw only says those 11 words, they could save someone a lot of arguing and negativity that could have been added to their life. McGraw is all about being the bigger person, even if it doesn't sound like the best option during the heat of an argument. He is one of a small amount in the world with enough insight to take the high road. McGraw is insightful on a level much higher than most of the world.

Determination is another of McGraw's heroic qualities. His determination has lead him to be unbelievably successful throughout his life. Also in his book Life Code, McGraw states, "If you're really going to do it right, it takes a lot of time and effort and a really dedicated team" (McGraw). Dr. Phil's insight to success has helped him greatly in his life time. Because of his insight, he knows that being successful can only happen, by putting in effort and receiving some help from others. His dedication is shown through everything he does, and leads him to success. His internal motivation is something that should be and is admired by many people throughout the world. McGraw is beyond proud of his successes. He says, "To say that I'm proud of this book would be an understatement. It has been written from a place of passion, determination, and concern" (McGraw). He deserves to be proud of his book Life Code, and his other amazing books. Dr. Phil helps others because of his own personal drive. He is internally motivated to achieve great things. Writing a book isn't easy, and writing a good book is an accomplishment that one has the complete right to be proud of. He has written many great books. This task shows his determination. He aspires to be inspiring. McGraw has determination like no other.

Dr. Phil and his wife Robin
Dr. Phil and his wife Robin

Dr. Phil McGraw shows his selflessness, insight, and dedication daily. He truly wants the best for everyone in the world. He does everything he can to make others happy. In his book Life Code, he states, "Given my profession and what I have dealt with every day for 35 years, I can unequivocally say I have seen the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of life. It's in that "seeing" that I have gained what has, at times, been a painful wisdom" (McGraw). Dr. Phil is an inspiration because he is a well-educated, insightful, selfless, and determined man. He has accomplished so much in his life. He works hard for everything in his life and does not expect anything to be handed to him. McGraw affects many peoples' lives on a daily basis. Not only has he helped many people find happiness, but he has made himself happy during the process. He also states, "I don't even want you to change who you are so much as I want to add to who you are" (McGraw). McGraw sees the good in others. No matter how much of a mess one's life may seem, he helps them discover the good in themselves. He does not expect anyone to be anywhere close to perfect, and never plans on trying to make them perfect. He only wants to help people find their strengths and use those strengths to their own positive advantage. He is truly deserving of being named a hero.

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