Peter Pan

by Noah from Yucaipa

My hero is Peter Pan. He is a character made by J.M. Barrie. Peter Pan is a magical person who never grows up. He has to fight Captain Hook to save the children! Peter Pan also has a partner named Tinker Bell.

Peter Pan once had invited Wendy to his underground house. Wendy is a friend of Peter Pan's from when he picked her out of her room at night. When Captain Hook took Wendy, Peter Pan had to fight Captain Hook to save her. Peter Pan had to save almost all of the children, however, he gets used to it.

Peter Pan is talking to Tinker Bell
Peter Pan is talking to Tinker Bell

Peter Pan was the hero of Neverland because he beat down Captain Hook and his crew. He saved the children and he took them all to Neverland. Neverland is a magical place where Peter Pan goes with other children if they're good.

Peter Pan is beating down Captain Hook
Peter Pan is beating down Captain Hook

In the modern cartoons, Peter Pan brings joy and laughter to children, because he is really funny. He always defeats Captain Hook. Peter Pan always wins because he's the hero of a fairy tale. Good always wins.

Tinker Bell helping Peter
Tinker Bell helping Peter

If Peter Pan has to fight Captain Hook a zillion times he will always win. His victory is thanks in part to Tinker Bell, who will always help Peter Pan win. It shows that teamwork is an important part of success. That is why Peter Pan is my hero! The End

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