Patrick and Angie Palmer

by Amber from Dalton

My heroes are my parents because they put up with me, and I think that makes them very strong. When I'm scared, they comfort me. One of the things they did for me was when I had a mole that caused cancer. We went to the doctor to have it removed and they were there and holding my hand. I had it removed and I'd have to come back in a week to get it checked.

The next time I went to the doctor, they said it wasn't gone! Dr. Chung said it had to be removed again, so it was removed. It stung when they removed it. I tried not to cry but the tears kept running down my cheek. Every day I would think about that mole. I would pray every night that the mole and cancer would go away. We went back to Dr.Chung for a check-up. This time he said I had to have surgery!! My mom's eyes started to get watery. She didn't cry, but I knew she wanted to.

After 2 weeks passed, I had to have surgery. I was scared and my mom and dad were squeezing my hand the whole time. Dr.Chung came in. I didn't want to stay there for the surgery, but I didn't want to have cancer. They put medicine on it so I couldn't feel it. But it stung so bad I wanted to cry, but I didn't. Then they started the surgery.

My mom was crying the whole time, and she had to leave the room because she just couldn't watch me be in surgery. My dad stayed in the room with me, but I think he was about to cry. They put in the stiches and they were done. Mommy wiped off the tears that were running down her cheek. Dr. Chung said I'd have to come back in one week to get it checked and get the stiches out.

I came back to get my stitches out and get it checked. The doctor came in to take my stitches out. She did and said that Dr.Chung would be in in a moment. He came in five minutes later. He took a deep breath, and I crossed my fingers. He checked it and put it on his computer, and he said it's looking a lot better and that all the cancer was gone! I was so happy my mom and dad took me out for ice cream. I would just like to say thank you to my mom and dad for always being there for me. Thank you, Mommy and Daddy, you're my heroes!

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