My Great Parents

by Amal from Giza

A hero is a model to follow for his/her great thoughts, deeds, achievements or others. S/he can be alive or dead, near or far, local or international, young or old, an individual or an entity. For me, a hero is like a guide who always lights the way before me. S/he ignites my capabilities along my life to pursue my ambitions and fulfill my dreams. Meanwhile at the time of disappointment my hero inspires me to overcome such painful and terrible times and feelings and encourages me to start over.

Both my dearest ever creatures on earth, my beloved parents are my first and foremost heroes ever! To both of them, I owe every success and achievement in my life!

My beloved parents brought me up to be a patriotic citizen to my beloved country Egypt and to be willing to sacrifice every precious thing in my life for its good and well-being. They also brought me up to be an honest, kind and respectful person to everyone and never be judgmental. They also taught me to be an ambitious and hardworking person.

To both of my great parents I dedicate my love and gratitude and I do wish both of them a fruitful, long, healthy and happy life!!

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