Abelardo and Esther

by Cristopher Abelardo from Tampico


My mother and my father are my heroes because without them I am nothing, my parents have always been for me and I have never forgotten always think of me in all aspects always trying to give me the best with work and effort. You have always been there and helped me in every moment of my life, on the good, the bad and the ugly. It would be endless to write how grateful I am to be your son. I know I'm not perfect, do not always do what it is supposed, when it is assumed, and I have the best tone. I thank you for loving me even in the most difficult moments. Although I do not show much, you mean a lot to me, and I hope one day to be proud of me, because that would be awesome. Mom and Dad nice words to say I was taught as a child. Pope , I mean something before it is too late and not tomorrow so I want to tell you how I feel. I love you. I know I'll never tell.
Maybe that makes me sad, but quietly and in my world, always think of you and think like you will. I know that sometimes I am selfish because I lock myself in my stuff. But that does not mean they do not love you, maybe not as proof -

And dad I want you to know this: I love you because ... Because the more I see more I love you and admire you. Know that you are as human as I am, if it's important, because as you suffer. They sometimes have problems but you keep it in your silence with my mother not to worry. I feel like flesh and blood, you feel as I feel, you are able to get up to a loss and start again, but to do better. That to me is of importance. For a child, the most beautiful word you taught me to say is "papa", now say this with love, excitement, pride and above all love. So I tell you this before it is too late.

Mom, you 're always with me , now I want to tell you how much you mean to me I do not want to be late. And then I could not have said this. Your heart is good, worries about their children. Understand. You give advice and care about them. So today I want you to know this: Thank you because ... First of all, because you're my mother. Nine months you carried me in your womb and because from there caressed my fragile body. For teaching me that nice words to say today I like to say with love and affection: "Mom." I managed to hear about your troubles and your sufferings. I know how much you suffer when I cry. I know there are times we do not need many words to express what we feel. Only one word we know how we want. And I know because I am a teenager but I'm very sensitive. That with every little thing I feel sad or glad, but sometimes you need your consent and I need your tenderness. Your heat. Your advice to teach me about life. I want to thank you for having loaded 9 months in your womb , for giving me your chest, for giving me life, your blood. For giving me your time, your space and part of your body. And I thank God for giving me the best gift of my life. Thank you for your unconditional love you give me your way. By the time you take in me and worry. Therefore I tell you today: Thanks for your time. His love. I've managed to find of his efforts and thought I saw my future. Now that so much that I want, but I suffer when I scold or are hard. The power and the person himself disappear, but the virtue of some great parents live forever.

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