Rosa Parks

by April from Nova Scotia

"To this day I believe we are here on the planet Earth to live, grow up and do what we can to make this world a better place for all people to enjoy freedom." --Mrs. Rosa Parks--

Miss Rosa Parks was born February 4, 1913.Her nationality was American. She was from Tuskegee Alabama, United States. Her mother raised her on her grandmother’s farm. She loved to read books mostly the little stories they had on school fairy tales like little red Riding Hood. Rosa Parks’s occupation was civil rights activist and a writer. She was awarded many awards. She is a caring lady and cared about what was right. She believed that no one should be discriminated for any reason especially because of his or her race.

Rosa Parks was a risk taker, when she was extremely fed up and tired with the racism she stood up and fought her way to be treated equally. She started a bus boy cot of the city bus line. She knew she would be arrested but she on believed. Mrs. Rosa Parks also refused to give up her seat on the bus knowing that there were horrible and dangerous consequences to come but being the risk taker she is she absolutely refused therefore she got arrested.

Rosa Parks was a brave woman. She risked her life to change the way the world looked at African American people. She knew there were consequences for her actions but she had faith in her self to prove for one and for all that what the white people did to them was extremely wrong. During the Montgomery bus boycott. Mrs. Rosa Parks and her family to have received threats and were continually harassed. She was fired from her jobs but still remained strong and very brave to face such horrible issues.

Mrs. Rosa Parks is a fantastic role model. She believed that no one is perfect and should not be discriminated because of his or her color and or race or for any reason at all. Rosa Parks was a role model because she had faith in her self and in other people to make changes in how people are treated and should be treated.

This life-changing woman to today still believe in what she thought was right. She knew there was no such thing as a perfection and being the risk taker, brave, and a role model she is she proved to everyone just what she knew, was the way to go and By "sitting down" for what she believed in, and refusing to give up her bus seat, Parks made history.

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