Essays on the Theme of Heroism

Alice Paul and Gloria Feldt

by Gabriela from Sheridan Tech

Alice Paul was an American woman suffrage leader who introduced the first equal rights amendment campaign in the United States. As she grew up her Quaker family and lifestyle influenced her towards her cause. Their values on equality between men and women helped to shape her worldviews on equal rights. One such movement towards equality was the women's suffrage movement, both British and American. While in London, she became politically active and often used powerful approaches to get her points across. Her contributions include becoming chairman of the congressional committee of the National American Woman Suffrage Association, founding the Congressional Union for Woman Suffrage, and merged with the Woman's Party to form the National Woman's Party. These contributions ultimately led to the ratification of the nineteenth amendment which guarantees women's right to vote.

Gloria Feldt is a leadership speaker, author, and advocate for women's rights. Having been a teen mom at the age of 15 and divorcing during a time when the "ideal wife" was essential influenced her towards empowering women. She was active in the civil rights movement which led her to currently finding social justice women in all aspects. She speaks for women through her books and speeches. With her extensive knowledge on women's health, politics, and leadership she pushes for women to reach parity. Her Take the Lead campaign encourages women to take their share of powerful positions in all areas. This movement led by Gloria is said to reach parity by 2025. Another contribution she has made is that she has influenced many women through her position as former president of Planned Parenthood federation of America.

These two influential women are similar because they fight for the same cause, although for different aspects. They have impacted the lives of women by encouraging and empowering them to fight for their own rights. The difference is that Gloria decided to help women due to her first hand experiences and Alice was influenced by her family and their values. Society impacted them both by making it difficult for them to make a difference because they were women. The only way to truly share their messages is to follow through with their ideas in my life and to help other women take lead with their life. The importance of Alice Paul is that she changed women's lives for the better because now we can vote but also vote for things that benefit not only men but women as well since we have a part in politics. The importance of Gloria Feldt is that women can now feel free to have opposing views and take leadership because there are people to support you and encourage you.

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