Tricia and David Pietrzak

by Nicole from Greendale

Two in a Million

What is a hero? “A hero is an ordinary individual who finds the strength to persevere and endure in spite of overwhelming obstacles.” This is the quote of Christopher Reeve and it makes you question yourself. That question is who is your real hero? In the quote the author states this person is an ordinary individual which it could be anyone like your parents or your peers. Well this quote made me think a bit on who my heroes are and they are someone you see when you go home.

I would have to say that my parents are my heroes because they are strong in emotions and in many other things. But they do not give up easily and that is why I think they have this quality which is important in a hero. Once when I was a little girl my parents had the worst night of their life because something terrible happened to someone in the house who was protective over everyone in this house when it came to strangers. One night while me and my sister were asleep, my mom and my dog Snickers were going to Taco Bell for a late night bite. Snickers was on the other side of the truck and when my mom turned on the truck she heard something fall like chains. She was calling Snickers to get in the car but when she went to the other side he was dead. My mom ran in the house and got my dad and my dad did CPR for like an hour before he gave up. The next morning me and my sister woke up calling for Snickers but when we did my mom almost started crying. She sat us down and explained what happened. In the end that day my neighbor gave my mom a ride to the vets office to get him cremated but not keep the ashes. While all this was going on my mom and dad stayed strong and only cried once or twice but of course my dad didn't cry, but while me and my sister cried for hours they were strong. This is why I thought they had this quality of a hero.

Another quality of a hero I think my parents have is Kindness because the definition of kindness is kind behavior which I think my parents have kind behavior. When I was about 6 or 7 years old, my neighbors next door were just moving in and they had lots and lots of boxes and it looked like it would take them forever to get done so we went to introduce ourselves and once we were all introduced we asked them if they needed help. After that they said yes and we went and helped them and after that day we became really close neighbors. And from this day we still are in contact, even though we both moved out and away from that neighborhood. This is why I chose this category for my parents because they're willing to help even if they don't know the new neighbors.

The last quality I think my parents have as my heroes is brave. I think they are brave because they do things that I would have never thought of or would have never done. One time when I was 9 my sister and I heard our dogs going nuts outside and it was 11 p.m. So my parents told us to wait inside and if they scream loudly to call 911. There we sat and then my parents came in and they told us that it was just our bitter neighbor trying to turn off our sensor motion lights and the dogs were barking at him. So I just call them brave because they took a chance or risk just to protect us.

I could never be the person I am without my life heroes who are my parents. In the end I know they have more qualities but I just picked three that I thought that they showed more than ever and I love them for that.

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