by Erik from Winnipeg

My hero is Plato, the Greek philosopher. He is one of the world's best known and most widely read and studied philosophers. He is known as the student of Socrates, and the teacher of Aristotle. His earliest works were based on the ancient source of Socrates. His later works were much more famous than his first.

Plato was born in four hundred twenty-eight before Christ, and died at the age of eighty-one, three hundred forty-eight before Christ. These dates are not entirely correct, according to Diogenes Laurtius. Not much is known about Plato's family.

Once he was captured by a gang of "cutthroats" and they held Plato for ransom. It took his family and friends an extremely long time to bust him out. When he finally did, he decided to fund a building that he called an Academy. In the Academy, he taught people (mostly young children) how to add, subtract, read, write, and do many other things. The Academy brought the word academic into the world. He stayed at the school for the rest f his life. Alas, one day Plato got very sick. He remained sick for a long time, and then, he died...

He is my hero because he founded the Academy. If he had not, we would not have our modern day school. We would also have less technology, fewer people, and low-educated humans. He gave us a gift. Not the gift of knowledge, but the gift to pass on knowledge.

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