Edgar Allan Poe

by Amy from Colorado

My hero is Edgar Allan Poe. Edgar Allan Poe has written some of the most well know short stories and poems in the world. Some of the most well known poems and stories are The Raven, The Tell Tale Heart, To Helen and Annabel Lee. Poe is one of the most known American story tellers.

Edger Allan Poe with a raven<br>  (<br>/Hou/art_edgerallenpoe.jpg)
Edger Allan Poe with a raven

Edgar Allan Poe is unfortunately no longer with us but his stories live on. The name of a former school headmistress of Poe’s appears in the story “The Murders in the Rue Morgue.” Edgar Allen Poe lived in a time where money was tight but he was adopted by the Allans after his mother’s death in 1810. The Allans sent Edgar to school and did their best to see he had everything he needed. Edgar Allen Poe died on October 7, 1849.

Poe is one of the most influential authors of his time and far past that. Edgar Poe suffered at the beginning of his life, but he accomplished so much. Edgar Allan Poe was a man that had many jobs. He was an editor, a student and he even tried his hand at politics. Edgar Allan Poe married his cousin in 1836. Poe lived a life that was very hectic and not reliable for the time, but he took chances and went for his dreams.

Edgar Allan Poe is important to me because he has inspired me to become an author. My dream is to have my work known as well as his, for generations to come. Edger Allan Poe is an influential person because he was far ahead of his time for his writing. The great American author that is Poe is important to show the history of writing and how far we have come. That’s why Edgar Allan Poe is important to me. He’s an inspiration.

Thus Edgar Allan Poe is my hero. Poe was ahead of his time. His writing was ahead of his time. Poe was and still is a great American author and I hope to one day be an author of his caliber. Poe’s life was not an easy one to live but he has written some amazing things. Edger Allan Poe is my Hero for having courage and for writing some of the best stories there are.

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