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Harry Potter

by Nadia from Tampico, Mexico

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I think that anyone can be a hero because a hero doesn't start out any differently from anyone else. For example, when someone is in a terrible situation or moment and you happen to be there and they say: "Can you help me?", and you are alone or you are the only person that can help them, and you save them, then you will feel proud of yourself and then the person you helped will say you that you are an angel and a hero.

When a dreared wizard killed Harry's parents, he was sent to live with his mother's sister, Petunia Dursley, along with her husband, Vernon, and son, Dudley. They made Harry sleep under the stairs in a closet. Harry's Aunt and Uncle knew of his magical powers but they never told him. They were receiving letters from the witches’ school, but his Aunt and Uncle would throw them in the fire every time. They kept Harry's future from him as a child, until his eleventh birthday when a strange and mysterious giant told him about his past. This man later became one of Harry's closest friends and professors at school. He appeared at Harry's house. He came to take Harry from his Aunt and Uncle's house, and take him to Hogwarts (the school). The giant then told Harry of his past and of all his magical powers.

They went and brought his magical things that his parents left for him. He also found out that when his parents died that they left Harry with a ton of money. Then he went to the witch school and learned how to work his magical powers. In Hogwarts he made two friends: Ron Weasley, who is one of seven children, who lives in a old house and his father earns minimum wage; and Hermione Granger, who’s "muggle born" (her parents aren’t magical). Harry is able to survive the school years at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Harry was well-known at Hogwarts. While he was there some things happened and Harry investigated and went to fight with the bad witches in Hogwarts. He might even discover some secrets from the past and about his parents.

I think Harry Potter is a hero because he shows great bravery. He is able to fight and defend his friends. He's a hero because most people view heroes as adults, who have accomplished hundreds of things in their lives, but Harry, who's still rather on the innocent side, has put forth an example of a child hero in books and on TV, for little children to see.

What I like about Harry Potter is that he had a really bad home life and he is still able to be the best that he could be, even when a situation isn’t good. I think the reason I like him is because it is easy to relate with some of the problems he has. Like, I think he is an example to boys and girls that believe in magical things, even when others treat you badly.

He is a hero because he has proven himself to be strong, not afraid, and confident to do good, even when he fights with his enemies. I think he can be used as an example to help you solve your problems or to give you ideas on how to solve your friends' problems.

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