Literary Heroes

Harry Potter

by Allison from Ventura

Who is your hero?
My hero is Harry Potter. He lives in a wizarding world half of his life and with his terrible aunt and uncle the other half. They are cruel to him and make him sleep in the closet under the stairs. They can be seen as the anti hero, but on a much lighter note the the actual "villain" himself, Lord Voldermort. Voldermort was the most terrible wizard of his time, he killed dozens of people with the wave of his wand, including Harry's parents. When Voldermort killed them he tried to kill Harry too, but he failed. The love of Harry's love towards Harry saved him and left Lord Voldermort in near-death turmoil. In the wizarding world, Harry is a hero, even though he does not remember that at all.

The time in history of Harry Potter is present. He represents all the things a hero should: triumph over hardships, bravery and courage, talent and intellect and the ability to care for his friends and fight evil off. Every hero in the world at any time in history should have the same qualities his possesses.

Hero contribute to society
As said previously, Harry Potter was the single reason Voldermort almost died. For that, the wizarding world is forever grateful. Not only did he defeat that evil when he was just a baby but Harry has prevailed over many evil things and has lived to have those tales written about him. Some of the things he has done include: finding and and protecting the philosopher's stone so Voldermort could not come back to power, killed an evil basilisk, saved his innocent uncle from a life in prison, and won the wizarding-school wide tournament.

Harry is loyal, brave, intelligent, talented and loving. He cares about his friends, not about his popularity, he faces new evils every year and defeats them all one by one. He contains all the ingredients needed to be a hero.

What I like about Harry Potter so much is that he has had a really bad home life and he still is able to be the best that he can, even when his situation isn't great. I think the reason I like him so much is because it is easy to relate with some of the problems he has. I have an "Aunt Petunia" of my own.

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