Arturo Prat

by Michael from New Jersey

Richard A. Lee, Jr. once explained, “The world is a messy place and sometimes our heroes have to do ugly things, but thank God they’re there.” A hero is a person who may use extreme measures to accomplish a goal. Heroes have extraordinary qualities that make them who they are. One does not have to be a celebrity or a famous person to be a hero. He or she must show bravery, strength, and selflessness. Arturo Prat from Chile is considered a hero to many people.

Arturo Prat was born on April 3, 1848 in Chile, and he died in 1879. Arturo had a great life. At ten years old, he joined the Naval Academy. Later, he became a Lieutenant Commander and graduated in 1873. In the same year, he got married to Carmela Carvajal. Chilean people still say to this day that he was the greatest naval hero of all time.

Arturo did great things in his life. He got the degree of Capitian de Fragata, which means commander. He was also involved in many major naval engagements in the war against Spain. But what he is mostly remembered for is what he did in the “War of the Pacific.” He commanded the “Esmeralda,” one of the ships that blockaded Iquique. As he tried to jump on the deck of the “Huascar," one of the enemy’s ships, he got killed on the deck. He was so remembered that they made a museum all about him.

Arturo said before the combat, “Men, the combat is difficult but courage! And come…!” He also said, “As for myself, I can assure you that this flag will wave as long as I live and if I die, my officers will know how to fulfill their duty.” He is a hero because he was a leader, he was fearless, and he was brave. He was a leader because he set good examples for other people by his seriousness in war, and showed you have to do what you have to do to survive or save your country. He was also fearless and brave by risking his life jumping onto the “Huascar.” He did it, but he died. He put his life on the line.

As a result, heroes are people who help other people and they don’t have to be a celebrity to be one. Celebrities can be heroes, but a hero doesn’t have to be a person that is famous. Arturo Prat showed that he was a hero by saving his country. Arturo was indeed a great hero and he will stay in the minds of all Chileans for the rest of their lives.

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