Teachers Heroes

Cathleen M. Probst

by Kimberly from West Allis

“There goes my hero, watch [her] as [she] goes…” These lyrics by the Foo Fighters wouldn’t have so much meaning for me if not for my hero…

They say that everyone has a hero, but that’s not necessarily true. My friend Andy, up until last year, didn’t have a hero. I’ve always had heroes, though. Growing up, I adored pretty much all of my elementary school teachers, then after that, in middle school I had one teacher I pretty much adored. Each year since, in 9th, 10th, and 11th grades, I’ve always had one teacher who I have appreciated a little more than the rest. Last year, though, and into this year, I’ve gotten to know Mrs. Probst…known to the rest of the world as Cathi. During my junior year, I just admired her and she liked me a lot, but she didn’t know I liked her so much. This year, though, we’ve gotten to be closer. Mrs. Probst is my hero, and for many reasons.

My hero isn’t someone famous, but I love her more than anyone. When things aren’t so great at home, she’s just there…and that’s not part of her job description. For instance, teachers are entitled to a half hour duty-free lunch and 2 prep hours per day. On too many occasions to count, though, she has given them up, just for me. Whenever I need to talk, there’s someone around. And it’s more than that. She’s there to talk, and she always gives the best advice or just makes me feel better. Like when I didn’t know what I was going to do about college, she was there to tell me all about what it took to get herself through college and then a masters program—all because she wanted it so much. May not seem like a whole lot to anyone else, but I cherish those moments as some of the best in my life. Now, where does my hero live? Well, I’m not supposed to know where my hero lives, but I do because I have babysat for some of her friends in the past, and, once I’m out of her class, I’ll be babysitting for her kids this summer while she finishes up her masters degree. I think I’ve covered why she’s important to me, but I just can’t really explain it to other people too well. My parents don’t understand me, and sometimes they’re the problem. But Probst, well, she’s always there to help me, and moreover, she understands me better than anyone. And that’s why she’s important to me, despite the fact that she might be “just a teacher” to anyone else.

“Oh she’s just a teacher, she just helps you inside the classroom.” That’s what everyone else says. First of all, the information she has taught me inside the classroom, like in civics, will help me for the rest of my life. And moreover, the things she has taught me outside the classroom will help me even longer. I’ll remember all the things she’s taught me for the rest of my life…all thanks to my hero, Cathi Probst.

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