Albert Pujols

by Will from Illinois

Albert Pujols (
Albert Pujols (

My hero is Jose Alberto Pujols (Albert Pujols). He was born on January 16, 1980, in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. Albert rarely ever got to see his father, Bienvenido, so Albert mostly stayed with his grandmother, America. Albert Pujols moved from Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, to New York City, New York in 1990, and then moved to Independence, Missouri. Pujols was a legend in High-School baseball. He graduated High-School in December of 1998 and went to Maple Wood Community near Kansas City, MO in 1999. In 2001 Pujols went to the Major League team the St. Louis Cardinals!

Albert Pujols won the Rookie of the Year Award and a spot in to the All Star Team in 2001, and Pujols finished second in the Most Valuable Player standings. Nothing much happened in 2002, but in 2003 he won the NL Batting Title, as well as being an All Star. Albert won the Hank Aaron award, and won The Sporting News Player of the Year Award. In 2004 Pujols won the National League Championship Series and was another All Star. In 2005 Pujols won the Most Valuable Player “season” Award, as well as being an All Star. Pujols won the 2006 Gold Glove Award, meaning he was good at defense, as well as being another All Star. He was also an All Star in 2007 too. And he was the Silver Slugger 3 times, in 3 different positions! Altogether he has been in 1,019 games, he's had 4,054 at-bats, 1,344 hits, 298 doubles, 13 triples, 282 home runs, 861 runs batted in, 847 runs, 2,514 total bases, 592 walks, 452 strike outs, 38 stolen bases, and his life time average is .332. Albert helps people with Down syndrome. He also has a daughter with Down syndrome, Isabella. He and his wife care a lot about people with Down Syndrome, and they are giving love and money.

I like Albert Pujols as my idol because he is an awesome baseball player. He helps kids with a specific type of illness. He is important to me because he is a very nice person who helps his team and people in need. That is why Albert Pujols is my favorite hero.

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