Albert Pujols

by Richie from Joplin, Missouri

Mr. Pujols Himself!!!
Mr. Pujols Himself!!!

Albert Pujols is one of the best baseball players in the National League. He plays for the St. Louis Cardinals in St. Louis, Missouri. He's played baseball for almost 10 years. When he first started, he won the MVP for the National league.

Last year, Pujols and the Cardinals went to the World Series and won even though they had a very bad record during the regular season. They fought against some very good teams while they were in the playoffs, but they still managed to win the World Series.

Mr. PUjols Himself. AGAIN.
Mr. PUjols Himself. AGAIN.

Even today Albert Pujols is hitting as well as he always has, but maybe not as well as he used to. Albert Pujols is married with 1 kid [I believe]. He plays first base on the field and usually bats third in the batting order. The Cardinals may not have done that great this year, but that's because they had no pitching, and when they did they had no hitting. But next year is another chance.

Pujols has always been my baseball role model, because I've always wanted to play with the Cardinals and be really good. His manager, Tony La Russa, has been his coach for all the years he's played, and I'm sure they have a very good baseball relationship. If I could go watch the Cardinals play I would want to get Albert Pujols' autograph. Albert Pujols doesn't play for free though; he gets paid 10 million dollars a year with a 10 year, $100,000,000 contract.

That's another reason that I would want to be Albert Pujols--because he gets paid so much, and I want to get paid that much for playing the sport I love. Albert Pujols isn't just good with the bat; he's also good with the glove. He's always good at defending his position. Those are the main reasons that Albert Pujols is my hero and always will be.

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