Albert Pujols

by Luke from Omaha

Albert Pujols #5

If you don't follow baseball, then you probably don't know who Albert Pujols is. That is a part of why he is my hero.

Ever since Albert Pujols was born in the superstar-filled Dominican Republic, he has loved baseball. He grew up very poor. When Albert was 16, the Pujols's moved to America. First, they moved to New York City. It was very violent there. Albert even saw a man shot to death. His grandma decided that they would move to Missouri. That is where Albert saw his first major league baseball game.

In highschool, coaches started to realize Albert had talent. He was accepted by Maple Woods, a college in Missouri. He was drafted in 2000 by the St. Louis Cardinals. Right away, Albert was considered a superstar. All five years of his career he has been nominated for MVP. More importantly, the Cardinals are a winning team.

A lot of people don't know Albert because he isn's a showoff that wants attention. He comes to the games and practices, does his job very well, and leaves. During the offseason you don't hear about him buying a new mansion or holding out until he gets more money. He donates a lot of money to kids with Down Syndrome. On the show "Outside the Lines," he was shown with some of his friends with Down Syndrome.

Albert Pujols makes my life a lot easier. When I watch Sportscenter I don't have to worry about my favorite player getting arrested at a bar or doing drugs. Besides the game highlights and MVP race updates from Peter Gammons and Harold Reynolds, he isn't on Sportscenter. It would help if we had more Albert Pujols' in sports.

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