Albert Pujols

by Hiatt from Nashville, Tennessee

Albert Pujols and Friends (Pujols Family Foundation)
Albert Pujols and Friends (Pujols Family Foundation)

Albert Pujols is my hero because he is the best baseball player alive. He plays for the St. Louis Cardinals. He lives in St. Louis, Missouri. I have seen him play baseball. His first six years in the MLB were really good.

But he is my hero because he does other stuff, too. He is from the Dominican Republic. He has lots of family members there. They are poor. He sends a lot of money to them and to others there. He takes dentists to the Dominican Republic to help kids there.

Another reason that Albert Pujols is my hero is because he is a good father. He has a daughter with Downs Syndrome. He does a lot to tell people about Downs Syndrome. It is a disease that makes kids look and walk kind of funny but they are still nice and friendly. My friend Michael's brother has Downs Syndrome.

I think Albert Pujols is cool and nice.

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