Albert Pujols

by Josh from Carbonale, Illinois

Albert Poujols is My Hero (\images)
Albert Poujols is My Hero (\images)

My hero is Albert Pujols. He was very poor. Very few people have lots of money in the Dominican Republic. He wanted to do what his father did, so he played baseball like his father did. He started playing shortstop and that surprised me. Today he plays first base for the Saint Louis Cardinals. He was born on January 16th, 1980 in Santo Domingo.

Albert Pujols helps people. He does Cardinals Care. He donated money to orphans. He does Albert Pujols Family Foundation. He helps fight Downs syndrome. He also brings children to the Cardinal’s stadium through Cardinals Care.

He is a nice guy. He is not selfish. He donates money. He helps people through Cardinals Care and Albert Pujols Family Foundation. He cares about other people. He helps a lot of people. He is my hero.

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