Ruby Bridges

by Vanessa from Blackstone Valley Prep

If it wasn't for Ruby I wouldn't learn how to be brave and have the courage to do the things. Ruby Bridges right now she is an all grown up woman. Before, Ruby was a little girl that faced many problems in going to school. When, Ruby was little she needed to go to a white school, many white people did not like that idea, they begun to protest and to say really mean things to Ruby. Ruby had to be really brave in going to her new school.

Ruby Bridges is my hero because she teaches me that you have to be brave and have the courage to do the right things. For example she had hard time in going to school but she found that if you are brave and have the courage you can do it.

Also in her story it teaches us that you have to try, try,try ,try, and try until you get it or know it. I remember that she needed to try and try to do the things right then that's how she became so smart. She also helps me to never give up on anything.

Ruby Bridges also inspires me to persevere no matter what happens if is it too hard or too easy, you must work hard. For example she kept on going no matter what the people say. This means that Ruby is my hero because she teaches me a lot of things to be a better person and become a great leader.

I hope that Ruby inspires others. Also with the help of Ruby I can become a great helper to others and maybe one day I can change the world. I hope that maybe people can also can be great leaders and help people do the right thing. People like her  inspire me how to be and show bravery and how to be a better person.

She is the best hero that I ever met and that she was a brave female in going to school. Ruby is now an important woman. That is why she is my hero. The best hero ever in history!!!!!!

I hope that one day my story will be told by many and many people so my story can be going and going on and on. Also maybe Ruby Bridges can read my story herself and maybe like what I'v done. I would be so happy and feel great for all the work I have done about my hero

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