Richard Brodie

by Nathan from Mission Viejo

"No matter what situation your in, you always have a choice." -Richard Brodie
Portrait of Richard Brodie ( ())
Portrait of Richard Brodie ( ())

You can see him furiously typing and coding on the computer. That guy is Richard Brodie. He is a computer programmer and the creator of Microsoft Word. I have always been into computers, and that is how I found out about Richard Brodie. I couldn't believe that he was the maker of Microsoft Word. My whole family is on the computer a lot and my dad is a computer programmer so I want to learn from him. After I discovered him, I decided to make a My Hero page about him.

To be a computer programmer you need to be good at math and science. You also should at least get a bachelor's degree in computer science. According to the Occupational Outlook Handbook website a computer programmer makes around $74,280 annually. Some other careers that need the same amount of education as a computer programmer are like computer software engineer or computer networking. What an actual computer programmer does is he/she makes computer software, and they turn program designs into a program that the computer can read. It is expected that computer programming will grow by 8% from 2014 to 2022. Some recent things that have been made or are being made are video games. According to, video games have made 10.5 billion dollars in revenue. Video games are a great source of entertainment for yourself and your family.

Richard Brodie in action ( ())
Richard Brodie in action ( ())

If you want to be successful in computer programming you need to be really good at math and science. Richard Brodie always got good grades in both science and math. Richard Brodie went to Harvard in the fall of 1977 for his college life and got a bachelor's degree in computer science. Brodie left Harvard after his sophomore year and went to work for Xerox Corporation's Advanced Systems Division and met Charles Simonyi. Simonyi became a mentor for Brodie and left Xerox to go to Microsoft. Brodie was the one to make Microsoft Word so that is a huge milestone in his career. Richard Brodie has also written three books and played in multiple poker tournaments. He started playing poker because he wanted to have something different in his life. Now he is trying to get better at poker and writing more books.

Richard Brodie with his colleague ( ())
Richard Brodie with his colleague ( ())

Richard Brodie hasn't really donated to any charities or organizations, but he has made many books and revolutionized the world by making it able for regular people to self-publish. His books have inspired and helped a lot of people get through tough times. One book by Richard Brodie is named Getting Past OK: The Self-Help Book for People Who Don't Need Help. This book has helped people get past a lot of things that were hard for them. Another book is Virus of the Mind: The New Science of the Meme. This book is a book stating facts and just things about the science of memes. Now that Microsoft Word is able to be used by common people, most people can now organize things, use it to do school work, and self-publish their own work.

To be like Richard Brodie I have to take some specific classes. I need to get good grades in math and science which I already have. I want to Programming Tools which is offered at my school Capistrano Valley High School. I'm going to learn from my dad because he knows how to do computer programming. My college goals are to get a Bachelor's Degree and take a lot of computer science classes. I don't know which specific college I want to go to yet but I will find out. When I learn all about computers and how to program them, I want to make a video game or some application that will help a lot of people or entertain them. A specific program language I want to learn is Java Script. Java Script will only be the start of my career. This is what I want to do when I grow up. I want to follow in Richard Brodie's footsteps.

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