Roberto Carlos

by Kevin, Alex, and Guillermo from Xiamen

Do you know the one who always recalls his childhood with enormous happiness even he was from poverty? He is Roberto Carlos da Silva Rocha, who is one of the most positive soccer player. Roberto Carlos is our hero because of his sporting achievements, what he has done for his local community and his country, and how he presented himself. Roberto Carlos is now 40 years old and was born in Sao Paulo, Garsa (Garsa), Brazil on April, 10th, 1973, which was a poor place. He is 168cm (5.5ft/5ft6inches), and his soccer career position is left wingback or defensive midfielder. We think that it is amazing that he is that short and he became a soccer player, but he said that although he is really small, he has a lot of stamina and he is fast. We think he is being positive by thinking that his height that is his weakness as a soccer player can be his strength.

Roberto Carlos' first team was Uniao Sao Joao and he scored 10 goals in the years when he was in the team. From 1991 to 1993, at Palmeiras he scored 3 goals from 1993 to 1995, then in his first team of Europe he scored 5 goals in Internazionale de Milano (International Milan) in 1995 to 1996, after that he scored 46 goals in Real Madrid which is one of the longest team from 1996-2007, then he scored 6 goals in Fenerbahce in Turkey from 2007 to 2009, Roberto scored one goal with Corinthians and means that he is back to his home country Brazil from 2010 to 2011. In 2011 to 2012, finally he scored 4 goals in Anzhi and it was the big country Russia. He could experience many things by moving clubs a lot and having many different teammates. Roberto Carlos also went to his international team, which is Brazil, when he was just 19 years old and only scored 11 goals. However, he led his team really well and showed a lot of examples as a leader. Roberto announced his retirement at August 2nd at the start of 2012-2013 Russian Premier League.

Roberto Carlos also did many heroic things out of soccer. He is helping and donating to some local charity groups. We think he is really heroic because when he was young, he worked for his family and his family didn't even have their own house. So he thought that soccer was the only chance and hope to succeed. However, now he is helping people the way other people helped him. We think he is being a role model and giving dreams and chances to poor people. People are inspired by him because he gave them an interest of soccer. He is also creative that he kind of invented different ways to shoot and play soccer.

This is Roberto Carlos being interviewed on,,

"Despite the fact that we used to live in poverty, I always recall my childhood with enormous happiness. The way I was treated by my parents, grandparents and sisters I will not exchange for anything. I have three sisters, and I became the sole heir in the male line. We had a small black-and-white telly. We watched the World and Brazilian Championships together, I was rooting for Santos and dreamt like any Brazilian child of playing for the national team. I had a dream to buy a house to my father. And when I was a child, I decided that the only way I could achieve this aim is to play football. I was 15 years old, it was 1988, and I managed to buy a house to my father only in 1992. It was a small cottage, but it was his own house! He was very happy! Guys, SAVE UP THE MONEY, DO NOT SPEND THEM ON ALCOHOL AND ENTERTAINMENT, ALWAYS HELP YOUR FAMILY!!! There was a great footballer in Brazil - Garrincha. Playing football he achieved everything that was possible: worldwide fame, money. But he died in poverty. Because at some moment he thought that he had a huge amount of money that would never end. After finishing his playing career, all the remaining years he spent money that he had earned. This story should be always remembered. Even by those, who believe that they have grabbed the luck bird by the tail."(

We are inspired by Roberto Carlos, and his positiveness and persistence deserves to be celebrated. He is always being positive both out of soccer and in soccer. As we explained in other paragraphs, he is helping somebody all the time- his family, some local charity groups, his soccer teams... He is a hero, who constantly endeavors by trying his best every time and even when other players are resting, he is practicing more to be better. He is always positive always, anytime, anywhere. Therefore, we want him to be celebrated.

We are inspired by Roberto Carlos to play soccer. After we knew him and watched many matches he played, we became more interested in soccer. We want to learn many things from him, both his soccer skills and his attitudes.These were reasons why Roberto Carlos is our hero and this is why his positiveness and persistence deserves to be celebrated.

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