Ray Charles

by Alexandria from Granite Bay

" Just like you can buy grades of silk, you can buy grades of justice"
Ray Charles
Ray Charles

Ray Charles the man who did it all

   Have you ever had a hero? Have you ever seen someone and say I want to be just like you? I have and his name is Ray Charles. This hero of mine is, magnificent, perserverance, hopeful, humorous, courageous, faithful, and a leader. These are things that a true hero needs to be. Ray Charles has donated money to schools around the country to kids who are blind, deaf and in a deep need of education. This is my hero's story.

Ray Charles playing the magnificent piano
Ray Charles playing the magnificent piano


   Ray charles, born Ray Charles Robinson, was born September 23, 1932. Charles had experienced his little brother drown in a portable laundry tub. Ray could not save his little brothers life. Soon after his little brothers death. At the age of 7 he began to go blind. Doctors believed the cause of this was Glaucoma. Ray Charles went to a school for deaf and blind kids. Charles learned how to play the piano, clarinet, and saxophone. After graduation Charles performed with western and country groups. Ray went to florida and formed a group named the McSon trio which led to a T.V. show. Ray Charles was known as the "FATHER OF SOUL", for his magneficent voice and how he puts soul and heart into his harminious songs.

Ray Charles as a an teenager, adult, and old, man ( ())
Ray Charles as a an teenager, adult, and old, man ( ())

As a blind child Ray Charles mother, Aretha, continuously gave him chores around the house. "SHE TOLD NEIGHBORS HE IS BLIND, NOT STUPID, AND HE MUST CONTINUE TO LEARN TO DO THINGS, NOT ONLY FOR HIMSELF, BUT FOR OTHERS." Ray Charles became an orphan when his parents died at the age of 15. Charles had gone through many obstacles at this time, being an orphan, African American, and living in the south. "WHAT IS A SOUL? IT'S LIKE ELECTRICITY - WE REALLY DON'T KNOW WHAT IT IS, BUT IT'S A FORCE THAT CAN LIGHT A ROOM" This quote means that no one knows what soul is.


    Ray Charles created a foundation dedicated to people who have blind and hearing disorders. Charles donated two million dollars to fund music scholarships in Ohio. Ray also donated one million dollars to and African American Morehouse. Things such as this deserve to be a hero. Mr. Charles also funded Cochlear implants for kids who couldn't afford it. This is deep appreciation for Mr. Charles. My hero is a very delicate, smart man. Ray did as little as donate money to people who need it back in his hometown. Since Ray Charles was an excellent man they made a movie about him named "Ray". Ray Charles is played by the famous singer and actor Jamie Fox. This movie is about Ray Charles childhood and Adulthood. "Ray" is an excellent and touching movie to watch.


     Great Hero's lives soon come to an end, Ray Charles died of lung cancer at the age of 73 on June 10, 2004. The thing is you don't need money, or be a celebrity to be a hero. All you have to do is just get up and do something to help out. Like donate money, there are kids all around the world that need help, you dont have to be a certain age or height. Just fight to help and never give up and  always take chances.

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