Brother Raphael Phan Dinh

by Viviane from San Francisco

My great-grand uncle Br. Raphael Phandinh. <br>(I drew this picture.)
My great-grand uncle Br. Raphael Phandinh.
(I drew this picture.)

My great-grand uncle, Brother Raphael Phan Dinh, is my hero. He is the 9th child in a family of 11. He has done many things in his life, from being a missionary traveling around the globe to being a teacher at a myriad of universities and schools. Br. Raphael retired after being assistant director at the Conference Center at Mont La Salle, Napa. He has done many more things that have inspired me to get to where I am today.

During his years as a missionary, Br. Raphael’s service included being a translator for troops, teaching biology in a secondary school run mostly by French Brothers, and teaching academic French and Catechism at St. Mary’s College in Rose Hill. These are just a few of the many important things my great-grand uncle has done in his life so far.

Br. Raphael videotaping<br>(From his memoir)
Br. Raphael videotaping
(From his memoir)

Brother Raphael now lives in Mont La Salle, an institution for Christian Brothers. He enjoys playing the organ and the piano in his free time. Brother Raphael also enjoys it when my family and I visit a few times each year. Whenever we come up there to celebrate special occasions or for just a random visit, Br. Raphael loves to videotape what we’re doing for him to relive later. At Mont La Salle, Br. Raphael also conducts Masses and plays the organ for Mass.

My hero is currently alive and well. Br. Raphael was born in South Vietnam. His parents, siblings, and other relatives taught him moral values and that a good education is vital to his future. Br. Raphael is now leading a peaceful, religious life in Mont La Salle.

Br. Raphael has definitely made a difference in my life in many ways. He's inspired me to be myself and listen to music, both classical and modern. He also enjoys it when I play an instrument for him, and even if I mess up, he's always forgiving and encouraging. Br. Raphael has made a difference in my life by teaching the values of family and being yourself. He's always been there for my family and me over the years of my life, and he's always happy when we come up to Napa.

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