Terry Fox

by Harvir from Bradford

Terry Fox
Terry Fox

Terry was the best Canadian. His dad was Rolly and he had a brother. He was born in 1958 in Winnipeg, Manitoba. His mother's name was Betty. His brothers were Fred and Darrell. Darrell went with Terry in the Marathon of Hope. His sister was Judith. Terry's best friend was Doug. Doug went with Terry on the Marathon of Hope. His school was Simon Fraser University. He had a pain in his leg. The doctor said that he had bone cancer and they cut his leg off and gave him an artificial leg. Terry had bone cancer. He went outside and he saw a lot of people that had cancer like him. He wanted to make a change. He wanted to get 1$ for each Canadian so he went up around 7 provinces. Terry raised 25 million dollars. He died in 1981. Many countries in the world now do the Terry Fox Run and now they have raised 500 000 000 dollars. Terry inspires me because he never gave up.

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