Rick Hansen

by Kevin from Casselman

Rick Hansen, a 57 year old man, had a pick-up accident when he was 15 years old. He was in a pick-up box when the truck hit a tree. Rick had a spinal cord injury, which paralyzed him for the rest of his life. Nonetheless, his adventures had just started. He did a lot of great things in his life, like going to the Paralympics. For me, the definition of a hero is a person who had something hard to live with in his life, and continues living like he has no limitations. Rick is a big hero for me. When I read about him, I get chills. 

My hero was born in British Columbia on August 26th, 1957. He's a Canadian that played for Team Canada in the 1980 and in 1984  Paralympics Games, in wheelchair competitions. He was in long track and marathon competitions. He had a hardship growing up, because from the age of 15, he's been paralysed. It's hard to grow up with a visible difference because you're not the same as the others in school, in your community, and in your family. Plus, he was bullied during his youth because of this difference, his spinal cord injury. Either way, after overcoming all these he can say that he raised over 26 million dollars for spinal cord injury.

Rick Hansen has a lot of great qualities; he is optimistic, respectful, responsible, generous, and courageous. First of all, he is one of the most optimistic guys that I know. If he would have just stayed in his wheelhair and not do anything about his life, except pity himself, his life would have been boring. He has taken himself up and did more than 40,000 km in a wheelchair! Secondly, he respects and cares for the all people that have a spinal cord injury because he raised more than 26 000 000$ for research. That is a great sign of respect for all those who need this money to maybe, one day, be able to walk again. Thirdly, he is a responsible and devoted Canadian citizen. He broke a world record and he didn't do that to be famous, he did that to raise money, not for him, but for everyone who had this injury. Finally, he had a lot of courage to use his wheelchair to go around the world. I, personally, would not go around the world in wheelchair. You have to be in shape, very determined, and have some bravery. Not a lot of people would have done this thing. In brief, these qualities make him an excellent role model for youth everywhere.

A hero is a person who does something which marks or changes a lot of people. The hardships and obstacles that Rick Hansen had to overcome are his Paralympics and getting used to his wheelchair, but that did not stop him from achieving so much. He's one of the heroes to admire and look up to when you want to make great things happen. even if you feel limited. He's, for me, one of the most important Canadian Heroes.  

In conclusion, Rick Hansen did a great job to represent our country at the international level and proved that even if you are handicapped, you can change the world. Maybe, you would not change the world's perception and make a difference in some people's lives, but he brings hope for who he is and what he accomplished for the majority of Canadians. Finally, Rick Hansen is one of the greatest men in Canada, if not worldwide, because of what he has accomplished.


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