Robert Hood Locksley

by Tristen from Colorado

The Earl of Huntingdon

I thought long and hard about who my hero would be and as I pondered I started thinking about outlaws and villains that helped for the good of the people. Then I finally came up with my decision and it was Robin Hood. Robin Hood lived in Nottinghamshire before he became an outlaw.

Robin Hood was a supporter of King Richard the Lions Heart. And did not fancy Prince John with his high taxes, that’s what led Robin Hood to become an outlaw. Robin Hood was known for his excellence in shooting a bow n arrow and his swordsmanship. He is also know for stealing from the rich and giving to the poor.

Robin Hood and his band of merry men which includes Friar Tuck and the oversized Little John lived in Sherwood Forest, Nottingham. They lived together stealing from the rich giving to the poor. They had to escape the wrath of the sheriff of Nottingham. He could always count on the merry men and when the going got rough, Robin blows three great blasts on his horn. That's when his Merry Men appear.

Little John was Robin Hood's best friend and second in command. He also is an excellent swordsman and archer. In fact, one time Little John beat Robin in a playful archery contest. Then Robin got captured by a monk's treachery. It was Little John who organized the Merry Men to trick the sheriff and even the king in order to rescue Robin.

So now that you know a little about Robin Hood let me tell you why he is my hero. He is my hero because he thought of the less fortunate than himself and thought that the prince was being unfair with his taxes and wasn’t helping the poor and he wanted to change all that. He became a symbol that couldn’t be touched, he became forgiving and just and sought out what was right in the world.

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