Rhonda Alvarez Licona

by Nicholas from Anmore

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Rhonda Alvarez Licona

Homelessness is a problem in Vancouver. Some people die from homelessness because they don't go into the shelters and die of the cold. Some people think that homeless people are mostly homeless because of drugs and addiction, but that is not true.

Rhonda is the founder of the Dream Catchers. All homeless people that have worked with her admire her and look up to her. Peter and Allan were the two people that came to our classroom to visit. They both said that there would be nothing without her.

My personal feeling would be to draw a picture of Rhonda as a soccer ball with wings and the homeless people are smaller soccer balls that have come to the team.

A member of the homeless team, Peter, came to our class and told us his story. Some people just can't afford their houses and end up on the streets. Some have family breakdowns and get kicked out onto the streets. I have even heard stories of people who run away as teens and grow up on the streets and never choose to get help. Every story is a little bit different for different people. Peter was brave enough to tell us his story of homelessness and that he was addicted to alcohol. We could even tell that he was a little nervous about telling us what he went through.

Allan Bates is the doctor. He helps the homeless players mentally and physically.

I think the visit from Allan Bates the doctor and Peter from the team was a really good experience. We got to ask all the questions that we wanted. We took notes on what the visitors said and explained. They also played soccer with us in the gym. It was really fun and we got to see what they played like. I could tell they were going easy because they knew we were kids so they played at our level. They gave us stickers of the Vancouver Dream Catchers and they signed them for us!!! But most of all they taught us that homeless are people too and that it can happen to anyone.

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