Rosa Parks

by Brittany from Innisfil

Rosa Parks
Rosa Parks

Rosa Parks was born on February 4, 1913 in Tuskegee, Alabama U.S.A. She had one sibling, her younger brother named Sylvester. Her mother's name was Leona Mcauley. Her father's name was James. Rosa went to Montgomery Industrial School for Girls for her education. Her interests when she was younger were sewing.

Rosa Parks main influences in her life were her family. Especially her mother and her maternal grandparents. Her mother said to Rosa that people should be treated like people. Nothing else.

Rosa Parks beinig arrested
Rosa Parks beinig arrested

Some challenges Rosa faced in her life were being arrested at the age 43, for sitting at the front of the bus and not giving a white man her seat. Another challenge was her parents getting in a divorce. After being married for 45 years her husband Raymond Parks died August 1977.

What Rosa did that felt so important to me was she sat at the front of the bus, when coloured people were not allowed to sit with white people. This bus ride changed history, all because of Rosa Parks.

Rosa Parks is a hero to me because she changed the nation, by sitting at the front of the bus when she wasn't allowed to. She changed the nation for what she thought was right. Some character traits she displayed were courage and integrity:

Courage - she sat at the front of the bus which was against the law, husband dying, parents getting in a divorce, and being arrested at age 43. Integrity - She did what she thought was right by sitting at the front of the bus.

Rosa Parks was born on February 4, 1913. Married Raymond Parks (1932 45 years) and faced many challenges in her life. She changed the world. Rosa Parks died in 2005, her funeral was on October 24, 2005. Today she Rests In Peace.

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