Rosa Parks

by Shania from Brooklyn

A hero. Someone you can rely on, a person that puts their life at risk of danger in order to help save another group of people. My hero is Rosa Parks for all the selfless acts she did to contribute and help society fight non-violently against the inhumane acts. She never gave up and continued to fight and protest for her rights even though it meant she had to stumble upon a few obstacles along the way. In my opinion Rosa Parks is one of the strongest and influential woman that lived during that time.

Rosa Parks' patience was pushed to the limit, yet she was still able to withstand the obstacles thrown at her. While riding the Cleveland Avenue bus the driver said, "'look woman, I told you I wanted the seats. Are you going to stand up?' Parks said, 'No, I'm not'"( Hull) Refusing to stand up, the police were called and Rosa Parks was arrested, once again for the same thing. Still Rosa refused to let this stop her. She continued to organize protests and fight for the rights of not only herself but the others being impacted as well. With the continuous non-violent protesting, Rosa was able to help stop segregation. Rosa Parks' selfless acts and perseverance helped the entire community gain what was right.

The rights Rosa parks fought for really impacted society not only in the past but also today. If it weren't for Rosa Parks' act of protest and speeches, the way African Americans were treated would have only gotten worse and blacks wouldn't be able to do the stuff they are able to do today. Rosa was able to accomplish many things that helped prove that African Americans were equal and should have been treated as equally as every other race. Rosa Parks gave up how her life was going to be spent in order to make sure we were given the rights we deserved.

Rosa Parks' acts had a great influence on society and history. She was one of the people who helped end segregation. Rosa continued to fight non-violently against the inhumane things happening to blacks and her, "act of defiance and the Montgomery bus boycott became important symbols of the modern civil rights movement" (Hull). Blacks are now able to freely sit wherever they want on the bus as well as many other places. Rosa, along with many other people, fought long and hard to make sure we were going to be able to live a comfortable life where we are treated equal.

We can all be characterized as a hero from the little daily things we do, from saving a cat from a tree to leading boycotts and rallies to fight for the rights of thousands. Like many other people in the world, Rosa Parks continued to show selflessness in a time of need.

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