Rosa Parks

by Brook from Ilion

     A hero is someone who is respectful, trustworthy, fair, and brave. Rosa Parks is a hero for sure. I look up to her because she stood up for what she believed in, and made a change.

     Rosa Parks was born in Tuskegee, Alabama on February 4, 1913. In 1924, Rosa moved to Montgomery, Alabama to go to school. On December 18,1932 Rosa married Raymond Parks and had 3 beautiful children. Before Rosa got married her name was Rosa McCauley. She grew up poor, and she went to school in a one room schoolhouse. Religion was very important in her life, Rosa and her family attended The Mount Zion African Methodist Episcopal Church.

     Rosa Parks did several amazing things in her life. After riding the bus and refusing to give up her seat to a white male, a boycott began. No African Americans would ride the bus causing them to lose the business. If it wasn't for Rosa Parks these laws may have never changed.

     In her later life Rosa Parks continued to make a difference. She gave many speeches and received many awards. One of the awards was in 1996 called The Presidential Medal Of Freedom. She also wrote a book in 1992 about her life it was called: Rosa Parks: My Story.

     In conclusion, we see why Rosa Parks is a hero even though she passed away in 2005. Rosa was a brave women who helped make things better for African Americans by fighting for equal rights. Rosa Parks was a true HERO!

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