Ronald Russotti

by Nick from Essex Junction

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Ronald Russotti started volunteering after his father died of pancreatic cancer. He got involved through the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network (PanCan for short). He has been volunteering since then and is involved in many programs through PanCan. He is currently a community representative, Vermont volunteer.

Ron grew up in Essex Town and had a normal life. His life was good until he found out that his dad was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. Once his father passed, he wanted to help raise money to find a cure so other people and their families won't have to go through the same thing.

Ron has done lots of fundraisers and events. He has gone to Washington D.C to advocate for government funding, recruited volunteers, spread awareness, held Purple Lights, an event that remembers people that have died from the cancer. He has participated in the Relay for Life, and much more.

Pancreatic Cancer is the fourth deadliest cancer, claiming about 34,000 lives each year. There is no known cure for the cancer so they need government funding to help find one. The pancreas helps to breakdown proteins and make insulin. When someone has pancreatic cancer their pancreas may stop producing insulin and lead to diabetes. But some people might not have any symptoms as it is called a "silent disease". It is called this because symptoms might not show for a long time, if they even show at all.

Through his years volunteering, Ron has helped to find a cure and raised money for many cancer patients, their procedures, and tests.

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