Ryan Sheckler

by Aiden from Ontario

"I just want to keep things going, not for myself but for others as well."

There are lots of different heroes. Heroes can do anything to help stop bullying or maybe even save someone's life. Heroes are a very important part of people's life. My hero is Ryan Sheckler.

Ryan Sheckler is a professional skateboarder. He was born on December 30th 1930. When Ryan was a child he would skate almost everyday. You can tell how much love he had for skateboarding. Ryan has made a foundation to help raise awareness about families and children being affected by autism. He wants to see all those children and families being affected by autism start living their lives to the fullest just like Ryan lives his life.

Some heroic characteristics about Ryan Sheckler is he is being very kind and respectful. The fact he is doing this is very heartwarming. I don't know of anyone else who would do all of this for a bunch of families and children. He is still raising money till this day and I guarantee he won't stop until lots of more people donate. Not only has Ryan raised money for children and families but he has gained respect for them.

I have been inspired by Ryan many different ways. One way I have been inspired by Ryan is now I know that I shouldn't be selfish because of him. I feel like this because he is doing this for lots of families and children and does not care one single bit about himself because he wants to achieve something for other people and not for him. Another way I have been inspired by Ryan is since he is doing this it gets me going everyday because I feel like I can try and help people in the same way. Thinking about this heartwarming thing he is doing gets me going everyday and feeling excellent.

Someday I hope to do something just like Ryan is doing. I really look forward to his big success in helping all of the families and children being affected by autism. This is my hero.

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