A. Rodney Tooley

by Mike from Innisfil, Ontario

"Don't let life decide how you live. Live your own life."

Rodney Tooley is my father. He was born on July 21st in Richmond Hill. He grew up with his sisters Janette and Patsy, his mom Lynda, and his father Donald. The schools he went to growing up were Walter Scott P.S., Park Avenue P.S., and Aurora High School. The sport he enjoyed growing up was soccer.

Rodney had a lot of influences growing up, but his main influence was his father, Donald Tooley. His father was his main influence because he taught him mostly every life lesson that he knows. If his father hadn't told him these lessons, he may have done something wrong that could have affected his life.

Growing up, he had to face a lot of challenges, but the biggest one for him was school. This was a challenge because had to redo tests and assignments due to his messy writing, which gave him less time to do other school work. This challenge affected him because he didn't have time do extra curricular activity or improve his school work to get a higher percentage.

There are a lot of important things that people do in their lives, but for Rod, an important thing that I think he has done, is raise my brother and I. I feel this is really important because he has taught us so much about our lives and what we should do with them, and he still has so much to teach us. This is great for my brother and I, because Rod has gone through a lot and he can tell us what is right and what is wrong in a situation.

Rodney is a hero to me because he inspires me to do my best for everything in life. If there is anything bothering or frustrating me, I go to him because we can talk about things that involve the situation and he helps me. Another reason why he is my hero is because he loves his family deeply. My hero is responsible. I know this because he takes care of his children and that is his responsibility. He is also caring because he repeatedly does nice things for people.

Born and raised in Richmond Hill, this particular person, Rodney Tooley, is my hero. He is a caring and responsible guy who loves his family. For him, school was one of his challenges because it was a struggle to get through. Rodney's main influence is his father, Donald. This is because he taught him mostly every life lesson that he knows. Overall, he is a great guy and that is why he is my hero!

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