Ryan W. White

by Kyla from Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Ryan was 13 when he needed a blood transplant and of course went to the doctor. They gave him the blood transplant but he and the doctors didn't know that the blood was infected with AIDS. So maybe about a couple days later Ryan went in and that's when he as marked with the words, that entered his blood, AIDS.

Ryan tried to live his life as normal as possible but it was kinda hard with a camera in your face every step you make. But I don't think that was the hard part. i think the hard part was being accepted because if i can recall the words he initially said was, "why do we have to judge people by their race, whether they're black or white or even what's inside them because if we are going to do that then why do we like dogs? They're different aren't they?"

Ryan was born in 1984 and died in 1990. And a famous star named Micheal Jackson was in the first row at his funeral. Micheal Jackson supported Ryan until the end of his days. Ryan White died at age 19 year of 1990 and he WAS INDEED MY HERO.

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