Roger Federer

by Kelvin from Toronto

Roger Federer
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A hero is defined by his actions. All heroes have the key characteristics of courage, leadership, and determination. They inspire others and help others whether it is mentally or physically. Roger Federer is everything that describes a hero. His skills and passion on the tennis court motivate others to be just like him.

Roger was born August 8, 1981 in Wollerau Switzerland. It was not until 1998 that Federer became a professional tennis player in the ATP. Federer has the world record for most Grand Slam titles won (16). He held the number one spot in the world for 237 consecutive weeks. Roger is primarily a grass court player meaning he prefers playing on grass courts because he feels the most comfortable playing on it. Roger has many rivals in the tennis world. One of his well-known rivals is Rafael Nadal. Roger and Nadal have competed for the number one spot for many years and whenever they play it is always a spectacular show. Many people in the world believe that Federer is in fact the best tennis player of all time because of the level of determination and patience he has on the tennis court.

Roger Federer is not only a good tennis player, but he is a good role model. His calmness and skill on the court is an inspiration to many, but the level of sportsmanship that he shows as number 1 is incredible. Personally Roger Federer is my hero because even though he shows great skill on the tennis court he never throws his racket, is always calm, and whether he wins or loses he always gives a smile and a firm handshake to his opponent. I am also a fan of the sport of tennis so watching him play also lets me improve on my own techniques. Whenever I am feeling a bit aggravated on the tennis court, or I am down a few points I always remember to think about what Roger Federer would do and how my behavior can change the outcome of a tennis match therefore Federer makes a difference in my life every time I step on the court.

Roger is currently still alive; he is currently also ranked number 2 in the world. Roger is still playing professional tennis and his level of playing is still amazing. He is the all time leader in earnings in the ATP world tour. Roger is married to Mirka Vavrinec who is also a professional tennis player.

Hero is something we are able to call Roger Federer. He is agile, determined, tough, and kind. He is an inspiration, leader and devoted husband. Roger Federer has changed my life and others around the world. Roger is an icon, and a legend. Therefore Roger Federer is indeed a hero.

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