Teachers Heroes

Tom Rago

by Bethany from Goshen

Your better than this.

Mr.Rago is a person that inspired me because he told me when I was not doing my homwork that I was better than what I was doing. That caught my attention for a few days and I thought about it. Mr.Rago is right; I am better than this. So the next day I had all my homework but I was definitely scared because if I get out of line there is going to be a call to my parents.

I was proud of myself but I coudn't get too proud or I would stop doing my work. So I've stayed in line but when I start to get out of the line something pops back into my mind: you can do better than this.

Mr.Rago has also taught me that you don't have to know every single problem to be smart. Some kids think that's what you have to do to be smart. I thought that's what you had to do. But after I watched Mr. Rago that is what I have now figured out.

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