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Adal Ramones

by Joel from New Mexico

The hero I chose is Adal Ramones. He is a great Spanish comedian who makes a lot of people laugh. He helps kids with problems and he participates in events that help children. He makes his routine by taking what people do where they are, and he has other people in his show do their routine. And that's why I chose him for my hero

Adal Ramones was born on December 3, 1961. He was born in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico. Adal Ramones was a student at a university in Mexico. He got into comedy theater. Then he started to get on to shows a couple of years later. He got his own show called "Otro Rollo" and his show was known as the best family entertainment show in Mexico. He made up the "Monologo." Adal Ramones is a very funny guy and I hope he continues with his shows in the future.

Adal Ramones is a great guy and he is a funny comedian. He helps kids and he got a lot of people's attention with the "Monologo." He makes the people of Mexico laugh. He is someone I look up to as a hero, and he is the person I always watch on TV. He makes me laugh. Adal Ramones is my hero.

Adal Ramones is good comedian because he makes a lot of people laugh in the City of Mexico. He tells jokes on the TV show called "Otro Rollo." He gives a lot of money from the show to poor kids that need help. He participates in programs to help children with hearing aids, hunger, and people with bad eyesight. This is why my hero is Adal Ramones.

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