Community Heroes

Amy Raun

by Tylyn from Lindon

“Oh thank you, thank you, and thank you! You are absolutely amazing!” My mom said as she opened the door. “You saved both mine and my daughter’s lives with these dresses. I don’t want to know how this wedding would turn out if we didn’t have you.”

“Well, I will be happy to help anytime,” Amy replied casually. “I’m always here if you need anything else. Oh and tell Tiffany congratulations. The big day is always an exciting one!” She added excitedly.

Amy was a lifesaver by making dresses for my sister, my mom, and me for us to wear at one of my other sister’s wedding. Amy just simply offered to make them and she had them made on time, ready to go, and they fit each of us perfectly. She never even asked for anything in return which was very nice of her seeing that her job is to make dresses, and she could have charged a fortune for making three of them in one day.

Even though my mom only gave Amy a couple days notice on the dresses, Amy still said yes without hesitation. She never even complained or stressed over it, but she just got our measurements for the dresses, got right to work, and got them back to us with time to spare before the wedding. With Amy’s help, my mom and sister had one less thing they had to stress over while they were planning this wedding, because they knew they could count on Amy. Amy is just the kind of person that you could ask to do anything and she would do it without arguing, complaining, or even showing any sign of grief.

Not only did she save our lives, but she helped in keeping her own mother’s life everyday. She would be over to her mother’s house everyday helping her with every little thing she couldn’t do by herself because she was in a wheelchair. By helping take care of her mother, it gave her father time to rest each day. Now that Amy’s mother has passed away, she is still currently going over to her father’s house to tend to his needs. Amy would help anyone anywhere no matter what the situation was, even when she has a hard time with her own family. If you ask me, I would say Amy is quite the hero you don’t meet everyday!

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