Abraham and Sandra Rico

by Emii from Chicago

When it comes to paying to help people, it will ALWAYS pay us back with satisfaction.

I will be talking about my awesome aunt and uncle. They are my hero because they helped me realize that life doesn't always have to be bad. They once told me, when "we" help save this world it may cost us but at the end it will pay us. They said this around the time my uncle went to Guatemala, but not for vacation, it was to help save the people there. They brought water, food, fruits and entertainment. When my uncle came home, all he said was that it was all worth it, seeing these kids and playing with them as if they were his own.:) We will be satisfied and that is our pay when we pay the world.! :)____:) Those words inspired me to be a better person and to help save the world and people in this world when I grow up.!.!.!

Once my uncle heard from his church that a group of people and other churches would be going to Guatemala to help children out there. So he thought maybe he could go, it wouldn't be that much and the baby wasn't due for another month or so. So he talked to my aunt, Sandra Rico. She thought it was an absolutely great idea, except for one thing.......could they afford it!? They found out from the people at the church that it was around $500. What would they do? They called the people to buy the ticket, but then they found out it was $600! But they wouldnt let the money stand in their way. So after 4 days of calls and planning, they finally got the ticket. When he came back he told me the story and that changed my life.

When my aunt and uncle decided for my uncle, Abraham Rico, to go to Guatemala, even though they knew how much it was it changed the way I thought of things and money. Before I used to think that I shouldn't waste my money on something that wouldn't even help me. I was the type that was selfish and didn't care about what people needed. But in the summer of 2008, my life was changed because of one simple ticket and $600. As much as they spent, I thought to myself that maybe money didn't matter when it came to helping people. Now, when I have to pay for something I think to myself, "Is this helping anybody?" and if it isn't yes sure I will treat myself to something every once in a while, but when I know it's helping kids and families survive, I definitely pay them up!!!! :)_____:)

When my uncle went to Guatemala it didn't only change me but it also saved this world. It helped save the world because when he went there, he spent a week telling the new generation that when they grow up and are old enough to help people around the world just like him, they should do what he is doing! :) SO when they spread the rumor, it changes the world into being more positive!! :)______:)

In this world and in me, everyone that follows this can see a change in the future. My aunt and uncle have influenced me to be a better person in this world and not be selfish but to care about everyone, even the people who are total strangers to me. Now I know in the future, instead of being greedy and getting the newest Justin Bieber CD (as much as I love him) I will get the newest ticket to China, Guatemala, Chile, or Africa and go help the children and families in need. In my future I see peace, happiness, and brightness in people. I will spread the word and hope you do too!

I hope you enjoyed my hero's story and hope you spread the word to SEE THAT CHANGE! :)____:)

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