Hj. I.Rochmah

by Agustin from Bandung

Hj. I. Rochmah is my beloved mother. She was born in 1926 and passed away seven years ago. She become a widow when she was in her 40s with 13 children!

My mother had brought up her children successfully. Most of us her children work as government employees. We, all of her children, are really proud of her. She played very important role as she was our mother and our father at the same time.

Bandung is where my mother had been living all of her life. She experienced three era; Dutch colonialism, Japanese occupation, and the indepence era. She had never been abroad except when she visited Mecca as a pilgrimate.

My mother had lived for 71 years (1926-1997).

Hajjah I. Rochmah is very important in my life since she had given some lesson for my life. She had taught me many things including cooking, sewing, embroidering, planting,Al Qur'an reading, etc. The most important thing I have got from Hj. I. Rochmah, my mother is how to survive in any condition.My mother was very creative in keeping her kitchen smoking. She had to take care 13 children.

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