Alex Rodriguez

by Ulises from Fort Morgan, Colorado


Alex Rodriguez followed his dreams and accomplished them. Now he is a star baseball player. He showed me what can happen when you follow your dreams and don’t give up. He had hard times but he got through them. Alex Rodriguez is my hero.

My hero is Alex Rodriguez. He is a baseball player. He plays 3rd base for the New York Yankees. My hero lives in New York. Alex Rodriguez is still alive and still is a great baseball player. Alex Rodriguez is an inspiration to other people because he accomplished his dreams even though his parents were separated and he didn’t have much support. That shows that A Rod is a very strong person.

Alex Rodriguez’ nickname is A Rod. He was born in July 27 1975. A Rod was the first person to get picked in the draft of 1993. Alex is a right-handed batter and thrower. Alex’s jersey number is 13. In 2000, A Rod was known as the highest paid athlete. In fourth grade A Rod’s mom and dad got separated. Alex is a good ball player. He is a 5 time all-star. A Rod made really good friends with New York Yankee’s shortstop Derek Jeter. A Rod used to play shortstop but when he got drafted to the Yankees he became a third basemen.

I think my hero is a hero to others near and far. I think so because he had a hard time growing up because his parents got separated when he was in fourth grade. Alex never gave up. He kept going without stopping and he accomplished his dream. Now he is playing Major League Baseball with the pros. I think he is a hero to others because he shows people that you can do things that are difficult to get done.

So I think everybody should follow their dreams like Alex Rodriguez. I think if someone wants something bad enough that they could over come the impossible. That is why A Rod is my hero because when he wants something he sticks to it and doesn’t give up.

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